With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.
Matthew 19:26

Godwink - An event or personal experience, often identified as coincidence, so astonishing that it is seen as a sign of divine intervention, especially perceived as the answer to a prayer.


A Sunday Afternoon Crash


So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.
Psalm 90:12


My brother Ken had just turned sixteen, and recently received his license. I believe there’s something about turning sixteen that makes a boy feel invincible! He and my mother had argued for several hours about his taking the family car to the lake for a Sunday afternoon outing with some of his friends. I remember him telling my mother, “You just don’t trust me.” Finally, she relented and handed him the keys.

Within an hour a police officer was knocking at our front door. Ken admitted that he had been speeding. As he topped a hill he encountered a car approaching him in his lane. He swerved to avoid a collision and slammed into a telephone pole, flipping the car over six times. On impact, my brother had gone airborne out his open window and landed on his feet. His friend Danny stayed in the car during the entire ordeal and came out with a scratch on his forehead. After checking on my brother and his friend, my mother and I went to inspect the car. All four tires were blown out and not a piece of glass was left in any of the windows. The car was smashed like an accordion. “Those boys should not have lived,” the officer explained. “it was a total miracle.” Godwink? Miracle? There was no question that a Heavenly Father had spared the lives of two young head-strong teenagers.

My brother told me later that the first thing he saw after landing on his feet was an open Bible on the pavement. He immediately regretted having argued with his mother.


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