Living in Peru

IMy parents, Frank and Elsie Isensee, were missionaries to Peru. They arrived at the port of Callao in 1946 and then made their way to Arequipa, which was their first mission post assignment. Later, they transferred to the northern city of Trujillo. My brother Ken and I were born in the capital city of Lima.


My father was killed in an accident on April 16, 1951 as he was traveling in some rugged terrain of the northern Andes Mountains. I was only 3 ½  months old, my brother was 4 years old. I never had the privilege of knowing my dad. My brother was left with a few very fond memories. Sadly, none of our family was ever able to visit my father’s gravesite as it was so remote and required some treacherous travel. My mother never was physically strong enough to make such an arduous journey.

Eventually, we had to leave Peru due to my mother’s declining health. I was almost nine years old and my brother was thirteen. We returned to the United States and settled in Springfield, Missouri. I made two trips to Peru for visits in the early 1970’s but have not had an opportunity to return since. My brother Ken and his wife visited in 1995 and through a series of amazing events, were able to locate my father’s gravesite.

My plans are to make a trip to Peru this coming October to join in the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Assemblies of God in Peru. I know my father, my mother, and my brother would have been overjoyed to have such an opportunity.

I plan to share the details of this journey, and my family’s experiences in Peru in a forthcoming book.